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AUGUST 21, 2010


By Ed Holdgate, Former NHRTL President

Dear ProLifers:

Hundreds of you earnest, hard working New Hampshire pro-life activists have sacrificially helped the unborn children and their moms through the years.   Most all of you have worked astonishingly hard for pro-life candidates too, year after year.   Sorry to say, in too many instances candidates who talked up great pro-life pledges to us during their campaigns were never heard from again after the campaign ended.   Worse, in too many instances the candidates who won election on the backs of us workers often stabbed those very backs when least expected.   Sen. Judd Gregg’s votes to confirm pro-abortion SCOTUS nominees Sotomayor and Kagan were out and out betrayals.   I now consider Gregg pro-abortion.   Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) supported Kagan too, thereby forfeiting every good vote he ever cast because with Gregg’s help the fall of Roe and Doe could be delayed by decades.    Michigan’s Congressman Bart Stupak sold out his pro-life friends to pass pro-abortion ObamaCare.   With “friends” like these, who needs enemies?

At least we have good news.   While heroic pro-life State Senators Sheila Roberge and Bob Letourneau are preparing for their announced hard-earned retirement, we New Hampshire pro-lifers can be optimistic.   For example, the pro-life certifiably tireless Fran Wendelboe is running for NH Senate, along with pro-lifers like Ray White, Peter Bragdon, Chris Wood, Jack Barnes, Russell Prescott, and Fenton Groen.   Pro-life champion and NHRTL Trustee Dave Wheeler is seeking an Executive Council seat too.  

What about Governor?   While Jack Kimball sounds good, I am really really pleased to see both pro-lifer John Stephen and pro-life activist friend Karen Testerman running for Governor.   Never before have I been so torn between two great candidates, but today my ballot would show John.   May the best candidate win, and I trust the second best will align to help the first for the sake of the babies.

In the US Senate race (to replace Judas Gregg) I hope pro-life Kelly Ayotte (who defended the NH Parental Notification law before the US Supreme Court) stops the rich pro-abortion Bill Binnie from buying himself a US Senate desk.  Ovide Lamontagne, despite trying hard and smiling harder for that Senate desk, can’t or won’t see that he repeatedly does the wrong things with regard to Catholic Medical Center in Manchester.   Ovide Lamontagne (as an attorney in Devine Millimet PA) was on the wrong side back when SAVE-CMC and NHRTL fought the assimilation of CMC and the Elliot Hospital into Optima.  Despite Ovide’s work, Optima was dissolved by an almost miraculous pro-life victory.   Similarly, Ovide is on the wrong side this year as the marauding, powerful, rich Dartmouth Hitchcock tries to “affiliate” vis a vis “merge” with the relatively defenseless CMC.   Since NH dearly needs a trustworthy pro-life hospital, and since Ovide profited immensely and was legally complicit in both attempts, and since his aggression distracts pro-lifers from the true mission of saving babies and helping moms, I implore you to disqualify Ovide Lamontagne and instead help Kelly Ayotte win that US Senate seat.

Lastly, consider the important Congressional races.  In the bad old days, we felt blessed to have just one genuine pro-lifer running for each office but now we see many candidates vying for the pro-life vote.    Today, the Second District features pro-lifers Jennifer Horn and Bob Guida.    Thankfully, I live in the First District so I need not try to discern between either of these great pro-life candidates.   As more and more pro-lifers run for office, this kind of dilemma will be more commonplace.

In the First District, Sean Mahoney exhibits far more ability, motivation, and principled long-time pro-life conviction than any other candidate, much more so than Frank Guinta or pro-life Bob Bestani.   Some 10 years ago when Frank Guinta kept casting pro-abortion votes in the NH House, Sean Mahoney was marching in the January snow with hundreds of us at the annual Concord March for Life.     Sean Mahoney even paid for and hosted the annual coffee breaks in a restaurant for us cold pro-lifers.   Even though he endorsed pro-abortion Rudy Giuliani for the 2008 NH Presidential Primary, I acknowledge Guinta has done a couple things right as Mayor recently (i.e. stopping field trips to Planned Parenthood and making a helpful change in funding).   However, Guinta’s pro-life expressions seem to come out only when pressured by his handlers or media inquiries, almost as if he was making a confession for a wrong.  Sean Mahoney, on the other hand, effortlessly champions his pro-life convictions from the podium or personally, extolling heartfelt compassion for the babies and moms, and listening intently to the concerns of every pro-lifer he meets.  Sean Mahoney was teamed up with pro-life champion Phyllis Woods on the Republican National Committee, so he knows the strengths and weaknesses, dangers and opportunities of the Republican machinery already.   Consequently, I can endorse Sean Mahoney quicker than a baby’s heartbeat.

Don’t merely pull a lever to vote for pro-life candidates – pull your faithful heartstrings and worn bootstraps now to get really involved helping the candidates who will make policy improvements for the moms in trouble and babies in jeopardy.

Ed Holdgate
Former NHRTL President




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